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Welcome to Planet Engineering Ltd.

Planet manufacture and supply the Ellipse sporting cycle-car built around Harley-esque motorcycle engines, bringing the 3-wheeled driving experience into the 21st century! Unlike any other similar new car, you - the customer - can choose from a host of options to create your own individual sporting cyclecar.


The new Ellipse and JAP, bring you a driving experience that is guaranteed to satisfy those searching for that little bit extra!  All the fun of a Harley - with greater comfort and weather protection.  Superbly responsive and with serious performance from either the newly re-developed JAP 1280cc v-twin, or the 96-cubic inch S&S v-twin in a vehicle weighing less than 850 lbs, the Ellipse will leave you with a grin that takes a while to fade!

The Ellipse is available as a turn-key new vehicle with new UK registration and unlike any other similar type of vehicle currently on the market, features all new parts, not relying on a donor vehicle. Our aim is that no two cars will ever be identical, customer-led options can include wheels, exhausts, dashes, interiors, Etc, Etc..... In fact just about everything barring the basic chassis and body-shape can be varied to suit your dream. The Ellipse is registered and taxed in the UK as a motorcycle, so only £70 a year currently!

The Black Beast pictured is the first production model, with modified round tubular front chassis, much sexier than the yellow prototype's box section - we feel. STOP PRESS !!!!!! The photo below shows the production model with the newly developed JAP 1280 V-twin just fitted February 2011.



Our aim is to take the thrill and enjoyment of the Morgan-esque driving experience into the 21st Century.  Starting from the compact shape of the traditional Morgan and various subsequent replicas through the 60's and 70's, we have designed a re-bodied and up-dated vehicle with exceptional handling and road-holding qualities. We have just entered into a collaboration with the renowned JA Prestwich company to offer the Planet JAP, fitted with the newly developed 1280 cc V-twin. Alternatively power from the 95 bhp S&S v-twin is more than adequate giving a projected 0 to 60 time of around 6.5 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 125 mph. Use your imagination, we will supply your individual, bespoke hand-made sporting cyclecar. Using unequal length front wishbones we have stuck with tried and proven basic geometry for this type of vehicle to give exceptional handling and stability. For more information on the exciting new JAP 1280 V-twin please visit

This is our temporary website.  Since the prototype has been on the road, demand for some information has been intense. The Ellipse will start at a retail price of approx £25,000 to £27,000, for the basic model with windshields, vinyl interior and dash, while price for the JAP has yet to be finalised.  Options including leather interior, full windscreens, wipers, variations to exhaust, roll-over bar Etc will be available at costs to be quoted.  Hopefully you will find any information required here.  Please refer to Contact Information for further enquiries.