Company Information and Background

Company Information and Background
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About Planet and our background.

Ellipse Production Model

Our Company History

     At Planet we have a combined experience of over 30 years in the custom motorcycle and classic car industry, this knowledge has enabled us to create the Ellipse for those lovers of the classic Morgan style 3-wheeler, but who want an up-dated, slightly more 21st century feel to things. Hence, for instance, the Dakota digital dash incorporating all major dials and functions in one minimalist unit. 
     The company is headed up by Alan Pitcairn, who has enjoyed a life-long love affair with sports cars and motorcycles, owning and driving all sorts, from E-types to Big Healeys, Frog-eye Sprites to MGB's.  Alan also spent several years in the early 80's with his own company re-building Classic and Thoroughbred sportscars with a previous engineering partner.
     Dave Kennell is the engineering and development director, responsible for translating Alan's possibly eccentric (or marginally insane!) desires into practical reality.  Dave has over 25 years experience of building specialist show motorcycle frames and complete bikes, both for other companies and with his own previous company of Planet Engineering based in Alderbury, Wiltshire.
     The company is currently completed by Guy Pitcairn, Alan's son, who will head up sales and marketing.  Guy has a background in IT and computers, and will deal with customer liaison, sales and office management (apart from being extra assistance in assembly, Etc.)
     Planet Engineering Ltd was formed in February 2007, with the express purpose of developing a vehicle to re-juvenate and enhance the traditional wind-in-the-hair experience of the original Morgan-type three-wheeler.  Alan wanted to get as close as possible to the feeling of involvement with machine and nature that he finds in riding a motor-cycle, with slightly more security and weather protection.  The Ellipse's compact size and superb road-holding look set to satisfy his, and hopefully other's similarly adventurous desires.
     Power from the S&S engine mounted transversely is transferred direct from the crankshaft to a Ford 5-speed Type-9 gearbox.  Then through our own CV-jointed drive shaft to our mono swinging-arm and a BMW R90 bevel box driving the single 15 inch rear wheel.
      Apart from dedicated right and left-hand drive models, we will also be able to offer an automatic gearbox option if required. 
     For all the technical details, please go to the Ellipse section in the tool-bar above left.

Ellipse protype.

"The Boss ?!? Alan Pitcairn.

Dave "Planet-man" Kennell, our engineering wizard.

Guy Pitcairn

Prototype interior.

Prototype front view.